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A custom-fit hatchback car cover is designed for the vehicle owner who demands the absolute best fit and protection for their vehicle. The two leading custom car cover manufacturers are Covercraft and Coverking and both companies produce their custom-fit vehicle covers in the U.S.A.

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Custom-Fit Hatchback Car Cover

In the world of exterior vehicle protection custom-fit car covers are the top of the line. Custom covers are specifically designed and manufactured to fit an exact vehicle year, make, model, and body type. They provide a snug contoured fit that hugs the curves of the vehicle they protect.

When it comes to custom-fit car covers, you get what you pay for. These often American-made products are usually the most expensive covers on the market. Measuring and maintaining a library of car cover patterns for over 80,000 vehicles is a difficult and expensive endeavor. But when you put a cover on a car that was designed and constructed specifically for that car, the level of protection it provides is unmatched.

And unlike semi-custom car covers where a single cover is designed to cover multiple different vehicles, because custom car covers hug the curves of their vehicles they tend to wear better and last longer. Finally, the aesthetics of a custom-fit car cover can’t be beat. Covers that are designed for a specific vehicle sure do look better.

Semi-Custom Car Cover

Semi-custom car covers for your hatchback is the next best thing to a custom car cover.

A semi-custom car cover manufacturer typically maintains around 200 different patterns which are still capable of covering 95% of vehicles on the road. Since semi-custom car cover manufacturers only have to maintain 200 different patterns, they are able to mass-produce the product and carry inventory. This brings the price of semi-custom car covers down and eliminates the delay associated with purchasing a made-to-order custom-fit car cover.

Universal Car Cover Fit

Universal car covers offer the poorest overall fit of the 3 car cover types. Most universal car cover product lines are only available in 4 different sizes and 2 cuts; a car cut and an SUV cut. (Makes finding a good universal hatchback car cover difficult.)

That means 8 total products are expected to cover all the different cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans out there. As you can imagine, there is a good chance that if you end up buying a universal car cover for your hatchback, you’ll end end up with quite a bit of excess material. To combat that excess car cover material, manufacturers have incorporated elastic into the bottom hem with the objective of reducing the amount of slacking material and improving coverage and protection.

While an elastic bottom hem is good in theory and does work quite well for semi-custom car covers and custom-fit car covers, it has not worked out as well for many of the ready-fit car covers on the market which end up “pooling” on the ground around the vehicle.

Best Cover For Your Vehicle

For a vehicle with a hatchback, we do recommend a custom fit or a semi-custom fit over a universal car cover.

Since every car is uniquely designed, especially a hatchback. It’s best to find which covers will fit you vehicle by looking up the exact year, make, model, and body type. We suggest heading over to Amazon to see your options.

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